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What is Palmetto Cross Inc?

Harold Andrews

In the beginning

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Harold Andrews, President and Founder of Palmetto Cross Inc. The concept of an online social media marketing platform came in 2015 while in graduate business school. The name "Palmetto Cross" came to me because I was looking for a name that would identify with Florida my home state and with South Carolina. 

    Since the Sabal Palm is the state tree for both states and also one of my favorite landscape palms I chose the word Palmetto and coupled it with the Cross of Christs crucifixion.  The mission of PCInc. simply put is to provide a safe, reliable and exciting online shopping experience. 

The Carolina Christian Brand

   A Sabal palmetto tree appears on the state flag of South Carolina  along with a crescent symbol, or as called by some the crescent moon. In reality, it represents the silver emblem worn on the caps of South Carolina troops during the Revolutionary War. South Carolinians are extremely proud of their state seal and flag. The emblem has been placed on practically any and every product or apparel that can be marketed. 

   There are retail outlets and chains throughout the state that limit their products to those that bear the seal or flag. The Carolina Christian brand is similar to the South Carolina seal with one important addition. That being the cross which recalls the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It also represents the redeeming benefits of the Passion of Christ and His death. Our brand and logo are a sign both of Christ and, of the faith of Christians along with the pride of South Carolinians in our state and its flag and seal. 


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